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There's been much written about Symphonic Slam and Timo Laine, I've read at least a dozen or so different Bio's and interviews. None of them have been complete or 100% factual. I think I've read every single one that's on the internet or been released by record companies. It's for this reason I've written the one on this website, I want there to be at least one that's complete, and I have done my best to make this one accurate.

My name is Ray Furlotte, my official title was Road Production Coordinator, aka Road Manager for Symphonic Slam.

SS1 LP back cover credits
SS1 LP back cover credits
Originally I was the band's sole Roadie, Sound and Light man, and progressed to Road Manager. I'm the creator of this website. I also consider myself to be the band's #1 fan. I have refrained from reviewing Slam's music (as much as possible). Reviews are extremely subjective, and I'm kind of biased as you might imagine, I'll leave that for the individual listener. I have included some of the major reviews from music critics and some fan reviews. This site contains the most complete history of Symphonic Slam and Timo Laine on the internet. I created this site in order to present the most accurate and complete record of their achievements. It includes many pictures of the band and friends, as well as a few rare videos. There are various news articles and press releases, but most importantly there is the complete musical catalogue of Timo Laine and Symphonic Slam for your listening enjoyment. Please don't abuse it's availability by downloading, copying, or distributing anything from this website, please support musicians and artists so they can continue to entertain us.
Information on this site, especially the 'Bio' section, has come from my personal experiences as well as information I have received directly from those involved. Timo Laine has provided me with the bulk of this information. It has been garnered from the many interviews he has done in the past and some of it has been published elsewhere. Instead of me spending hours interviewing Timo about history that he has provided over and over again, he's provided me with that material. If you think anything on this website is a violation of your copyright contact me with your complaint. Some of the photographs on this site have been provided to me by Timo Laine, and others I have collected over the years. Some provided to me by A&M Records back in the day, and others collected from the internet. All photographers retain the copyrights to their photos, and I've identified the photographers wherever possible. Some of these pictures have been taken by legendary music photographer John R. Rowlands and I've identified the ones I know for certain are his, there are most likely others but I can't be certain which ones. I'll gladly acknowledge any photographer that can provide proof of copyright, or remove them if demanded, same as for any other material contained in this website. It is not my intent to violate anyone's copyright.

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All the music and images on this website are used with the permission of Timo Laine

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